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Services & Rates

On Leash Walks and Care For Small Dogs


Little Woof Pack provides small dogs with safe on leash dog walks and socialization, as well as home care, transportation and light grooming.

Services are pre-scheduled according to the client's needs.

One Hour+ Group walk


A group of often 4 and not more than 6 dogs go out together for a safe on leash walking adventure.  The location always varies - sometimes a park, a path, woods, hills within the Bay Area.  This is a great way for your dog to have a chance to socialize during the day while getting out and using some vitality exercising and being physically active.  Regular walks help your dog to have an outlet for energy which means a calmer and more easy going dog at home.  Sniffing and potty breaks during all walks encouraged! 


Half Hour+ Single Dog Walk or daytime visit

Some dogs are shyer or perhaps walk better on their own.  For instance, older dogs sometimes need to go at their own speed while walking -- Or perhaps just need a little daytime social interaction and a home visit and an opportunity to relieve themselves and don't have the energy for a walk at all. 

Oftentimes male dogs who remain intact are better to be walked solo.  Or perhaps you have a dog who has a wheelchair and your dog has an easier time walking without a group.  As schedule permits, single dog walks/visits can arranged.  Let's discuss what your dog needs and get that pup satisfied!  

$30/walk or Day visit

Home Visits


If you are going away for a couple or a few days and your dog is already a Little Woof Pack member and will need in-home visits, as well as to be walked, fed and generally attended to this can be arranged as schedule permits.  So if you know of an upcoming short trip on your horizon send word at least one week in advance and Little Woof Pack will try to make it work!  ...Or suggest someone else.  We can negotiate the fee according to what needs you have.

Pet Taxi

Little Woof Pack Kia Soul

Sometimes your dog may need local transportation to a destination that doesn't fit in with your schedule - Little Woof Pack can help.  Be it a vet appointment, a trip to the groomer, a drive to the airport or a drop-off at a dog hotel, Little Woof Pack will provide your dog with a safe ride and timely arrival.  All dogs travel in their own clean comfy secure Ruff Tough Kennel containing non-slip matting within a low entry Kia Soul.  

$20/Half Hour 


Dog bathing is a post walk service for Little Woof Pack dogs weighing up to 20 pounds.

  • Prior to the bath your dog will receive an ear cleaning.

  • Expressing of the anal glands will be included during the bath.

  • And post bath your dog will receive a warm towel dry rub down.


Please note, bathing is a pre-scheduled service - in the same way you schedule a hair appointment in advance for yourself.  Organic all natural non toxic supplies are used for all baths.

**Also, I can recommend someone to you if your dog has a long coat/needs extensive grooming procedures which I cannot provide.**