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What size are the dogs in the walk groups?

The maximum weight for Little Woof Pack dogs is 30 pounds. This is in order to allow small dogs to feel confident and comfortable with their similarly sized pack mates. A few of examples of upper weight category dogs : American Cocker Spaniels, Tibetan Terriers, most Beagles.

Can any dog join the group walks? 

All dogs who become part of Little Woof Pack are pre-screened to determine if they will fit in with the pack.


Dogs are pre-scheduled for walks each month. Some dogs go walking a couple or a few days per work week, other dogs walk all five workdays with Little Woof Pack - there are all sorts needs. The minimum number of walks is two days per week. At the end of each month you will be billed for the upcoming month's service - it makes you and your dog confident that the walks happen when they need to and that they are all pre-set throughout the month.

What type of transport vehicle is used for my dog?

Dogs will be picked up and dropped off using a Kia Soul with low entry. The vehicle has proper ventilation, air conditioning and heating.

 Is my dog safe while being transported?

Each dog will be safely transported in their own individual Ruff Tough Kennels crate with a slip proof mat. The crates are securely strapped to the vehicle.

Are dogs ever loose while being transported?

Little Woof Pack does not approve of transporting loose dogs in vehicles. Unlike dogs who are transported loose in a vehicle, dogs who are crated while being driven have very little chance of movement injury or flare ups due to space aggression. It also means no dog is given the opportunity to jump out of the vehicle as van doors are opened or closed which vastly limits chances of escape.

Is the transport vehicle clean?

All vehicle space and crates are cleaned regularly as well as spot cleaned as needed. All cleaning is done using non toxic natural cleaning products/materials.

What if my dog becomes muddy on a walk?

Towel wipe downs occur following muddy or dirty walks

What happens if my dog is hurt on a walk?

Little Woof Pack is Pet Tech Certified to perform dog CPR and First Aid. A First Aid Kit is onboard the van and small kit travels with the walker on walks. If there is need for vet assistance it will happen immediately and you will be notified.

is little woof Pack insured?

Little Woof Pack is insured by Mourer Foster. If your dog is injured and in need of veterinary assistance while in Little Woof Pack's care, you have peace of mind that your dog's health will be attended to!

Will my dog inGest anything while on a walk?

During a walk dogs are often encouraged to carry out certain behaviors using positive reinforcement training methods - which can include high quality edible treats. If your dog has food limitations and cannot eat certain things please make this known. Dogs are discouraged from eating randomly found edible items along the walk - they will be taken from your dog for safety's sake. Water and clean water bowls are provided following each walk.

is there home care?

If you are going away for a couple or a few days and your dog is already a Little Woof Pack member then in home care can be provided as schedule permits. Send word at least one week in advance and Little Woof Pack will do its best to accommodate your needs. We can negotiate the fee according to what needs you have.

Is Pet Taxi Service Provided?

Sometimes your Little Woof Pack member may need local transportation to a destination that doesn't fit in with your agenda. Little Woof Pack can provide your dog with a ride to/from appointments or destinations that don't quite correspond with your schedule. Be it a vet appointment, a trip to the groomer, a drive to the airport or a drop-off at a dog hotel, Little Woof Pack will provide your dog with a safe ride and timely arrival.

What about Dog Bathing?

Little Woof Pack also provides bathing for dogs weighing up to 20 pounds. Prior to the bath your dog will receive an ear cleaning. Expressing of the anal glands will be included along with the bath. And post bath your dog will receive a warm towel dry rub down. Dog bathing can take place as a post walk service. It is pre-scheduled - in the same way you schedule a hair appointment for yourself. Only organic all natural non toxic supplies are used.

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