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- The area on the Google map outlined and highlighted in orange is the coverage area for Little Woof Pack - 


Calling All Small Dogs in the Outerlands of San Francisco

Hello Sea Cliff, CENTRAL & Outer Richmond, Sunset & Parkside

Pick up & Drop Off

As amazing as all of San Francisco is, the coverage area for Little Woof Pack dog pick ups and drop offs is from the the Great Highway to 19th Avenue/Park Presidio Boulevard & from the Presidio edge of Richmond and Sea Cliff, all the way to Sloat Boulevard.  

Your dog will be transported via Kia Soul - each riding in their own sturdy kennel made by Ruff Tough Kennels strapped securely within the vehicle.  The low entry and exit points help to keep your small dog extra safe.

All dogs will be on leash prior to leaving your home and will remain leashed until they return to you.  The safety of your dog is a top priority!


Little Woof Pack's on leash walks happen in a wide variety of areas including Ocean Beach, Mt. Davidson, Golden Gate Park, Twin Peaks, Ft. Funston and many more.  The dogs are encouraged to use their energy to keep a good pace during the walk but are also given moments to sniff and poke around and do their business.  A watchful eye is always kept on your dog without sacrificing lively activity and enjoyment.


It is so important for dogs to make use of their energy with exercise everyday as well as through socialization.  Being on a walk with a small group of dogs of similar size allows your dog to feel at ease and comfortable.  Also, being with a human walker who acknowledges your dog's good behavior with positive reinforcement helps your dog build and maintain healthy social skills.


I’m ready to see my Little Woof Pack!
— Pugsley
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